Dunton Publishing features Lese Dunton and a variety of talented editors, artists, and developers. Clients include lawyers, businesspeople, ministers, poets, doctors, a historian, an Academy award-winning actor, a Grammy award-winning producer, and a Pulitzer Prize-winning author.

Her company helps clients with a variety of editorial needs, including self-publishing or preparing for traditional publishers. DP also develops new communications and entertainment platforms.

Ms. Dunton is the founder of The New Sun, an online publication whose mission is "to find the best in life and give it good coverage." TNS began on newsprint in 1990, raised capital, and transitioned to the web in 1994. People magazine said, "It has caught the eye of high-placed optimists."

In her work with The New Sun, Lese has interviewed George Harrison, Jimmy Breslin, Jimmy Carter, and Judy Collins, among many others, while simultaneously editing the publication. In addition to People magazine, TNS has been featured on CNN, NY1, WOR-TV, and NPR. She produced and hosted The New Sun Radio Show on WBAI FM. (Click here for 1-minute excerpt.)

Ms. Dunton has held a variety of positions including reporter, editor, artist, and producer for CBS Television, The Village Voice, The New York Daily News, The New York Post and The Wall Street Journal. She was also Director of Communications for The Riverside Church.

Her articles have appeared in The New York Daily News, The New York Post, Edible Manhattan, and Celebrate With Style.

In the healthcare field she was the outreach/partnership coordinator and market researcher for the Midtown Center for Complementary Care, publicist for NY Presbyterian Hospital's Department of Complementary Medicine, and market researcher for St. Vincent's Holistic Health Center.

Lese is an award-winning essayist and author of six books, most recently Charlotte's New York Adventure, a 3-book series about a little girl who teams up with the Statue of Liberty and becomes the mayor of New York. Her short stories have been published in the collection book Christmas Through the Eyes of a Child and in 12 audiobooks for Reading Town publishers.

If you have a book you'd like to self-publish, or need to prepare for a publisher - or desire any writing, editing, designing or marketing help, let us know the services that interest you.

Please send an email to info@duntonpublishing.com or call 212-799-7402.

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