Cost of Services

Below are the costs of services if your manuscript has already been edited and proofread to your liking and is ready to go!

If your manuscript needs any kind of editing by Dunton Publishing (DP), please scroll down to see the Editing section below.

And if you'd like some writing help — for example for books, speeches, bios, eulogies and obituaries — please go to the Cost of Writing page.

Design of Book Cover

  • Print book (front and back cover): $650
  • E-book (which just needs a front cover): $300
  • Both print book and e-book: $650

Interior Page Design - Print or E-book
Includes font type, font size, page numbers, page titles, table of contents, forward, dedication, acknowledgements, and afterward.

  • $650 for up to 100 final book pages.
  • $750 for up to 200 final book pages.

If there are photos and/or illustrations within the interior pages, add $25 each.

An example of a print book: take a completely edited, double-spaced manuscript that has a 12 pt font size on 8.5 x 11 paper — then lay it out/design into a book form that uses 11 pt font size, with 1.5 line spacing, and fits into a 6 x 9 inch book. (Or whatever you would like!)


  • A Tagline that serves as a quick, one-line marketing pitch for your target audience.
  • A BISAC Category (Book Industry Standards and Communications category) based on your book's genre that is used by the book-selling industry to identify and group your book by its subject matter.
  • Five Keywords based on your book's genre and themes that help improve discoverability on Amazon.

  • Book Description that displays on your book's detail page and highlights your book's major marketable themes. $200 if DP writes it; $100 if DP edits what you've written.
  • Back Cover Text that grabs readers' attention and sets your book apart from others in the market. $75 if DP writes it; $50 if DP edits what you've written.
  • Author Biography that shares your background and establishes your credibility as an author. $250 if DP writes it; $100 if DP edits what you've written.

Additional Costs
Setting up gmail account, setting up amazon account, ordering 1 sample (proof) copy of the book ($6 or $7 each) to look over before putting it on sale, 1 round of revisions, final upload, passing along account management instructions once the book is on sale. If another round of revision is needed, it's $50 extra (plus cost of sample book).


  • Free 20-minute phone consultation.
  • Thereafter, $25 per 15 minutes.
  • In-person meeting, $100 an hour, with a half hour minimum.
Manuscript Typing
$5.00 a page.

$100 per hour - whether it's developmental editing or copyediting or proofreading.

The timeframe for an edited manuscript to be made into a book — the interior page layout, front and back cover design, account setup and management, sample/proof copy for review/changes, and putting it on sale — tends to be 8 - 12 weeks, but each project is different.

To get started on the agreed-upon work, half the cost is needed upfront and the remaining half when the book is uploaded to Amazon for sale. (Check, cash, money order, or PayPal.)

Looking forward to your email or call with any questions or needs to or 212-799-7402. Thanks!

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